5 Valentine’s Ideas For The Man In Your Life

February 14th is fast approaching, and it’s not an event that gets a lot of tv time but is definitely commercialized when you visit your local grocer or pharmacy, so it’s not a surprise that the date always sneaks up on people (like me- hello, it was just Xmas!). But I like to think that men are easier to buy gifts for (maybe that’s just me), but if you’ve totally forgotten and don’t have the time to think of that perfect thing, then here are my 5 to-do’s or gift ideas for that special guy in your life.

1. Plan A Staycation

Sometimes the house or apartment doesn’t provide that right escape of relaxations as we think we do. So instead of worrying about the clean-up, go plan a staycation. Get that feel of being away, but without the cost of going out of town. In most towns, it’s currently low season so there are great discounted deals at your local hotels. I usually use sites like to see an overview of all hotels in one place, makes comparing hotels and their ratings easier. After you book, contact the hotel and ask for a room with a view, or one with large amenities in your room category. You can probably even upgrade the suite for a low cost. 

Tip – if you find a good deal online, you can phone hotels and ask if they can match or beat it by 10%. Although every hotel is on an aggregator, they don’t enjoy paying commissions to these website and prefer you book direct. You also have a higher chance of being upgraded if the hotel is full.

2. Upgrade That Bouquet

If your man loves meat, make him a pepperoni stick bouquet. This does require some arts and crafts on your part, but use the pepperoni sticks as the stems then cut out shapes of flowers and stick them through one end of the pepperoni stick. Or, make bacon roses! 

Tip – you can use toothpicks to keep the flowers attached.

3. Plan A Romantic Meal

Now this isn’t unique, but then again, if your partner loves home cooked food, then why not make him a special meal. It’s easy, create a romantic setting at home with candlelight, his favourite music/band playing in the background and make his favourite dish paired with his favourite drink. You’ll warm his heart instantly.

4. Go On An Adventure

Go outdoors. If you have some great parks in the area, go for a walk and plan a surprise picnic at some point. Bring wine and a couple beers, hang out at the spot for a little bit and enjoy your surroundings. Or if you’re really into the outdoors, go camping. It’s fairly cold this time of year but like I said, if you’re really into the outdoors, you likely have the gear already. Your local campsites are usually very empty this time of year which provides a weekend escape and some peace and quiet.

5. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

This is more specific to those who are in a long distance relationship or can’t be home for Valentine’s Day; create a care package. Put a couple of his favourite beers, tech accessories, console games, etc. and you have a great package that says I miss you and am thinking of you.

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