5 Valentine’s Ideas For Your Special Lady

Valentine’s day is a day that I don’t think is on anyone’s radar until February 1st. Which means it’s officially fast approaching. Trying to think of what to get or do this year? Want to make it special or customized? Here are 5 unique ideas to blow her away.

1. Plan A Staycation

Can’t afford to get out of town but want that same feeling? Then plan a staycation, it’s super easy to take advantage of discounted deals at hotels because it’s currently low season in most places. To save, I usually use sites like to see what places have a good deal in my area. After you make the booking, call the hotel and see if they can do anything special so you can really wow her upon entrance. For example, ask for a room with a view, or if they can place chocolates or flowers in the room.

Tip – if you find a good deal online, you can phone hotels and ask if they can match or beat it by 10%. Although every hotel is on an aggregator, they don’t enjoy paying commissions to these website and prefer you book direct. You also have a higher chance of being upgraded if the hotel is full.

2. Upgrade That Bouquet

Flowers are nice, but gentleman, get your lady flowers randomly throughout the year don’t save it for Valentine’s Day (unless you know she really wants one). So what do I mean by upgrade? Instead of a bunch of roses, create a makeup bouquet, or a bouquet of anything else that she loves:

  • Step 1 – Check out your partner’s makeup bag and note the brand she uses the most, or make note if she uses a variety of brands (even easier).
  • Step 2 – Visit your local sephora (or go online) and buy her 3 or 4 pieces of makeup or a bunch of random things ranging from mascara, eyeliner, perfume, blush, foundation, face masks etc.
  • Step 3 – Turn it into a bouquet, you can easily find examples online or on pinterest, simply search ‘makeup bouquet’. Throw in a few stems of her favourite flower and you’ll surprise her with your creativity.

3. Decorate Then Eat!

If you’re both into baked goods or sweets this will be a fun activity you can easily do at home for a more relaxed evening. If baking isn’t either of your fortes, go out and buy pre-made frozen cookie dough or a box of cake mix, the baking can either be done beforehand or as part of the activity. Once the goods have cooled down, start decorating! You can buy all the ingredients you need in bulk at your local grocer. This can be a fun activity and bring out both of your flirtatious sides. Then once you’re done, if you can’t eat them all before a tooth or stomachache approaches, bring them to your workplace. Your fellow colleagues will devour them and love you for it.

4. Go On An Adventure

It doesn’t have to be a literal adventure, but if the both of you don’t mind physical activity, go do something that is both new and exciting but will let you challenge each other. I like to think of them as adult parks, such as laser tag, trampoline parks, paintball, escape rooms etc. Note. I’d like to think you have a sense if your partner is into these type of things, if you’re not sure then do not follow this advice, it could lead to a disaster.

5. Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

This is specific to those who are in a long distance relationship or can’t be home for Valentine’s Day; create a care package. But you have to put thought into a package of all her favourite goods, examples could be chocolate, candles, jewelry, makeup, gift certificates, or if you really have the money to spend, surprise her with a ticket to visit you.

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