A Delivery Service Straight Into Your House? Say What?

Amazon, have you heard of them? Well they just announced a new delivery service that’s bringing delivery and online shopping to the next level. It’s called Amazon Key. What does this mean? It means during the holidays or anytime throughout the year, you won’t have to worry about stolen packages and can instead worry about stolen items from your house. Kidding…

Starting November 8, Amazon will start offering Prime members Amazon Key, a secure lock service allowing you to receive packages worry free, whether you’ve stepped out for an errand or are away on vacation. Packages will be securely delivered just inside your front door using these easy 3 steps (and their technology):

  1. Amazon will authorize the delivery through the cloud by automatically turning on Cloud Cam before the package is dropped off, which also records the entire process. The cloud will then unlock your door, allowing the Amazon personnel to enter your home.
  2. Using their Amazon Key app, you’ll receive a notification that your package is being delivered, and the entire transaction can be watched via the app 
  3. Package is dropped off, the courier leaves and you’re notified in the app. If you weren’t able to watch the drop off live, you can view a video clip afterwards.

Another feature they highlight, easier access for guests or family in while you’re away. You won’t have to worry about duplicate keys or hiding a key securely on the outskirts of your home. This can be a beneficial feature for those who have pets, cleaners, etc. Plus you’ll receive notice when any guest enters your home using Amazon Key.

To buy-in to Amazon Key, you first have to be a Prime Member, then check your eligibility, if all the boxes are ticked you can purchase their In-Home Kit, which includes a security camera, smart lock and the app. You’ll even get the kit installed for free (which usually never happens with any installation).

So what’s the buzz? Well aside from the concept, the biggest and obvious concern is around security. Not only do Amazon users have to trust having a complete stranger have access to their house, but as well with having their house key data being stored in the cloud. One breach and someone’s key access is suddenly in someone’s possession. Of course Amazon says these have been considered and every courier goes through an intensive background research, and that their online security is up to date. But it’ll only take one really bad egg to completely ruin this for Amazon, they’re putting their name on the line.

On the other hand, these concerns have obviously been thought of and can technically be avoided with the technology provided. Every delivery is being recorded and you receive a notice straight to your phone anytime someone uses your amazon key pass. Isn’t this similar to having security cameras in your home? If anything bad occurs, you can call 911. Plus if you have cleaners or a dog walker that has access to your home while you’re out, there technically isn’t much of a difference, the Amazon personnel is technically just putting an arm inside your home and leaving the package by the door. 

Walmart is currently in the testing phase with a similar delivery service, these are two big named companies. What are your thoughts? Would you trust Amazon Key or Walmart? Or do you think it’ll take awhile before you’re willing to open your door to a stranger.

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