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Here’s 7 Of Our Favourite Tweets From Trevor’s Legacy


Don’t know who Trevor is? Catch up on his story here. He’s basically a lost soul (cockroach) who had his life end due to a milkshake, a straw, and a guy named Grifter. And a group of people who rallied to make sure his life story was not forgotten by the community.

One good thing that came from the entire situation was #TrevorForget. Below are our top 7 tweets from his unfortunate tragedy:

1. When it became the goal to be in Grifter’s mouth, and Trevor won.


2. When Smashburger didn’t know how to handle the situation, and just flat out said “Please stop.”

#lostopportunity anyone?


3. Or when Grifter asked Smashburger to start up a college fund for his thousands of children


4. Those extra moments by-standers who don’t have the time to stop but still want to pay their respects to Trevor


5. When a film was created


6. When Trevor’s true colours came to light


7. And when #TrevorForget still lived on, even in Louisville’s International Airport


But at least he’ll have another well known friend to discuss worldly matters with….

Godspeed Hef & Trevor, Godspeed.

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