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The Real Hero of DerbyCon #TrevorForget

This past weekend the 7th annual DerbyCon, came to an end in Louisville, Kentucky, but not without a beautiful… yet hilarious tragedy occurring.

Let’s clarify, Trevor is a cockroach, and he unfortunately had his life come to a halt when he was sucked through the straw of a milkshake at the local SmashBurger and into the mouth of DerbyCon attendee Grifter.

As you’d expect from a group of hackers, they elevated Trevor’s death to new levels; a memorial was born in front of the SmashBurger, thoughts and prayers were said, candles lit, and other tokens of remembrance such as flowers, plushed toys, the bible and of course Smirnoff ice were left at the site. From there, the hashtag #TrevorForget was born and visitors started flocking to his memorial; even the police made an appearance, leaving their condolences.

Check out that 6 pack of Smirnoff Ice. His site is even more magical at night.

But let’s not forget Trevor’s legacy, a fan and good friend, Jim Kennedy started a #TrevorForget Memorial Fund, which raised over $3,000 in three days. All funds raised will go to ‘Friends of Puerto Rico,’ to help Trevor’s family abroad, who are currently experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Trevor’s family and friends do not have it easy right now.

As you know, the Info Sec community lost a beloved member over the weekend. Trevor the Roach. To make matters worse, his entire family is also caught up in the disaster in Puerto Rico. Funds contributed will go directly to ‘Friends of Puerto Rico’. A long standing and respected Non Profit working to better Puerto Rico.”

Who knew that Trevor was such an inspirational little guy. RIP Trevor.


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